4 Reasons To Choose This Edmonton Dentist Who Uses An Intraoral Camera

At Yellowbird Dental in Edmonton, we're proud to feature an intraoral camera, which is a small, painless diagnostic tool that enables us to get a close-up view of our patients' teeth and gums. With this type of technology, we're better able to detect problems that might not be visible to the naked eye, including tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer.

There are many benefits associated with using an intraoral camera, such as:

  1. They can detect oral health issues before they become significant problems: When caught early, many oral problems are much easier to treat. An intraoral camera can help your dentist spot problems in their earliest stages when they’re most easily treated.
  2. They’re painless: Unlike X-rays, which can sometimes be uncomfortable, intraoral cameras are completely painless.
  3. They’re efficient: Intraoral cameras allow our team to get a highly detailed view of your mouth quickly and easily. This means that dental appointments can be shorter and more efficient.
  4. They’re quick: Intraoral cameras produce images almost instantly, so our team can get a good look at your mouth without having to wait for film to develop.

Simply put, intraoral cameras offer many benefits for both dentists and patients. They’re an important tool for detecting oral problems early, and they can make dental appointments more efficient and comfortable.

Interested in having your teeth and gums examined with an intraoral camera during your next visit? Call Yellowbird Dental today to schedule!

Dentist Holding Intraoral Camera

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