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If you are considering starting a family, or already have one of your own, you might consider the benefits of seeing a family dentist. With a variety of services and accommodations available, a family dentist is your one-stop shop for all your family’s dental needs.

A family dentist is a general dentist who focuses their practice around serving the needs of patients of all ages. The benefit of this is that no matter the age of your family members (even Grandma and Grandpa) your family dentist is a good choice for care.

Family dentists focus their practice around continuity of care within the family unit. For example, a single middle-aged patient may not require the specificity of a family dentist’s care – a general dentist can provide helpful and competent care to all adults.

A Family Dental Practice

A family dental practice can see each member of the family, but we do like to see each patient as early as possible. Children who visit the dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings from a young age are more likely to develop good oral hygiene practices and decreases anxiety about the dentist. Conversely, children who are not seen until there is a concern requiring treatment are less likely to look forward to the dentist in the future. Nonetheless, your family dentist and their team are committed to providing a positive experience for all members of your family.

A family dentist is interested in a long-term relationship with their patients. While a pediatric dentist may discharge a young adult from their care when they turn 18, your family dentist wants to see their patients from 18 months to 81 years! This means that you have an opportunity to develop rapport with your dentist as they partner with you to optimize your dental health.

Family dentists have significant experience working with children of all ages and with various health profiles, including those with autism spectrum presentation and sensory processing disorders. In these clinics, time is allowed to accommodate the needs of the patient wherever possible. This may include time for playful discussion prior to any ‘work’, dimmed lights or even an additional staff member with a friendly smile and hand to hold at any time. The relaxed approach and flexibility of a family dental practice is evident in the atmosphere – with welcoming décor, cartoons on demand and a skilled staff that considers working with kids one of the best parts of their job.
Family practitioners are well versed in a variety of calming strategies and techniques to help each member of your family feel comfortable – it isn’t just kids who sometimes feel anxious at the dentist! Some adults, when not feeling anxious about their own dental appointments, experience anxiety about their child’s visit to the dentist. Many of us are parents too, and we get it. That’s why we go to such great lengths to ensure that our patients feel heard, seen and respected at each and every interaction.

Why Choose a Family Focused Dental Clinic?

Family dentists provide significant benefits to families beyond atmosphere – we also make accessing our preventative services easier. We know that each member of the family visiting the dentist requires time away from school, work and activities and we want to make sure that accessing the dentist doesn’t consume so much of your time that it falls to the bottom of your family’s priority list. That’s why we offer group appointments wherever possible. We may not be able to see each member of the family at once, but we can see them all on the same day with an extended group appointment. These arrangements keep your dentist and teeth happy because they are receiving the preventative maintenance they need to stay healthy and strong, and parents and guardians are spared the frequency of appointments for each member of the family.

Family dentists are keenly aware of the fact that when Mom or Dad has a heritable dental condition, such as a genetic condition affecting the teeth, it should be noted and overseen in each of the children in the family. With a good understanding of the conditions and circumstances surrounding each family member’s profile, they are more likely to make recommendations and take preventative measures to mitigate the risk of any onset – and to manage the condition going forward.

A family dentist is truly dedicated to your family’s oral and systemic health. They will provide encouragement, support and education to their patients and their guardians about how best to establish healthy oral hygiene routines at home and can treat the vast majority of dental concerns right in their offices. If you’ve been thinking about switching to a family dentist, there’s no need to wait!

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