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Who are Pediatric Dentists?

In the final analysis, although science and basic research can illuminate our clinical endeavors, ultimately, it is by our clinical actions that our success as a healing profession is measured.

Fortuitously, Dr Herbert Schilder described the most predictably successful concepts for shaping canals, cleaning in three dimensions, and filling root canal systems. Complete endodontics promotes the retention of critically essential teeth and is the cornerstone of restorative and reconstructive dentistry. Schilderian endodontics continues to serve as a powerful beacon of light to guide any clinician on the journey toward greater clinical confidence and success.

The ProTaper technique: Shaping the future of endodontics

Schilder’s genius was how he used a series of instruments to carve the shape and sequence the preparation. Schilder described his Envelope of Motion technique, where a series of precurved reamers were selected, utilized from the smaller to bigger sizes, and rotated so they would randomly cut dentin on the withdrawal stroke. Schilder also emphasized the sequence of preparation where he removed restrictive dentin from the coronal two-thirds of the canal before initiating procedures in the typically more complicated apical region of the canal. Especially in longer, smaller diameter, and more curved canals, the tips of these 0.02 tapered instruments were typically loose within the coronal two-thirds of the canal, whereas the larger, stronger, and more active portion of each instrument would desirably engage and cut dentin. Following pre-enlargement procedures, files were completely loose within the body of the canal and could be more predictably directed apically.

Schilder’s shaping objectives are the standard against which all other preparation techniques are measured. Over many years, the pre-enlargement technique has grown in popularity, as this method for shaping canals has proven to be predictably successful. However, the method Schilder described frequently required many instruments, several recapitulations through a series of files and reamers, and as such, is perceived to be difficult and time-consuming. To address this perception, the ProTaper system (Dentsply Tulsa Dental Specialties) was developed to both duplicate and simplify the Schilder technique.

Root Canals

Endodontics is the specialty of treating infected or dead pulp inside the tooth. This also includes assessment and treatment of the nerves within the tooth. If the soft tissue inside the tooth becomes infected or is decaying, endodontic treatments such as a Root Canal may be necessary.
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Root canal therapy has come a long way in the last few years, and is no longer a procedure to be fearful of. Yellowbird Dental can help you determine if a root canal is something you may require!

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