Is it time to step up your brushing game?

Whether to take your brushing from manual to power is a question you might have asked on your own during your dental health routine. Proper oral care can sometimes be difficult in your hectic life, yet it’s a crucial component of your total well-being. 

Changing from traditional toothbrushes to power brushing can assist you in maintaining great dental wellness between your regular trips to your Yellowbird dental expert by assisting you to keep your mouth clean via the enhanced brush rotations and by assisting to brush in areas of your mouth that are hard to reach via hand-operated cleaning.

Here, we round up our list of pros for you to take into consideration when deciding if it is time to upgrade your toothbrush. 

The Pros of Power:

Enhanced Efficiency

The top marketing point for a powered brush over a manual brush is the increasing inefficiency. Whereas guidebook brushing results in approximately 300 brushes per min, powered brushes range between 2,500 and 7,500 brushes per minute, with some designs featuring as many as 45,000 brushes per minute.

This means that no matter how diligent you are in brushing with a manual brush, utilizing a powered brush will result in a much higher degree of effectiveness. In practical terms, this relates to the more dental plaque being dislodged in two minutes with making use of a powered brush than in six mins with making use of a manual brush.

Help Dexterity/Disability

If you struggle with manual dexterity because of an injury or arthritis, it might be hard – or perhaps impossible – for you to manage hand-operated cleaning appropriately. A powered brush will certainly do most of the work for you, making it the optimal option for proper dental health upkeep.

Specific Areas of Focus

Power brushing is also the optimal strategy for anybody with dental braces because of the capacity for a closer brush around the braces.

A Deeper Cleanse

While no toothbrush can whiten your teeth, a power brush might aid in removing more surface discoloration than a hand-operated brush, once more as a result of the raised speed of brushing which allows a deeper cleansing to occur in less time than by hand brushing.  Do you clean too hard or too strongly? Some electric toothbrushes have a pressure indicator feature that informs you when you are cleaning with too much pressure.

Prepared for the Change?

While there are plainly lots of pros to making use of a powered brush over a hand-operated brush, the bottom line is that the best brush is the one you’ll actually use. Any type of tool that assists your brushing performance is an excellent financial investment. Perhaps for you, that indicates staying with a hands-on brush. 

If you want to have further help in picking the ideal brush for your requirements, our team at Yellowbird Dental is more than happy to help answer any questions that you may have regarding your dental health. 

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