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Monthly Archives: March

Is it time to step up your brushing game?

Whether to take your brushing from manual to power is a question you might have asked on your own during your dental health routine. Proper oral care can sometimes be difficult in your hectic life, yet it’s a crucial component of your total well-being.  Changing from traditional toothbrushes to power brushing can assist you in

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Common Dental Mistakes to Avoid – Part 1

5 Common Oral Hygiene Mistakes We See in Edmonton We frequently see individuals come in with small cavities or showing signs of early periodontal illness. With the right dental health, individuals can stay clear of the little problems that often end up becoming major problems. Here are 5 usual dental health and wellness blunders you

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Cracked teeth – what to do?

Cracked teeth can become a major concern so if you want to avoid future oral health problems, book an appointment at Yellowbird Dental as soon as possible. A tooth, which is generally very strong, can chip or crack if you fall, are struck in the face or mouth, have cavities, bite down on a hard

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